Discover Pinterest’s Best-Kept Secrets: Expert Tips and Tricks Uncovered


Discover Pinterest’s Best-Kept Secrets: Expert Tips and Tricks Uncovered

Pinterest is not only a great platform to discover and save inspiration, but it also offers a wealth of hidden features and tips that can enhance your browsing and pinning experience. In this article, we will uncover some of Pinterest’s best-kept secrets, shared by experts in the field, so you can take your Pinterest game to the next level. Let’s dive in!

1. Utilize Secret Boards for Privacy

Did you know that Pinterest allows you to create secret boards that are visible only to you and the collaborators you invite? This feature is perfect for saving content privately, planning a surprise event, or collaborating on projects without public visibility.

To create a secret board, simply go to your Pinterest profile, click on the plus sign (+) next to “Boards,” and select “Create a board.” From there, you can choose to make it a secret board. It’s an excellent way to keep your pins hidden from prying eyes!

2. Save Ideas on the Go with Pinterest Mobile App

Pinterest’s mobile app is a powerful tool for saving ideas while you’re on the move. To save content quickly, you can take advantage of Pinterest’s visual search feature. Simply tap the camera icon in the search bar, snap a photo of an item or scene, and Pinterest will suggest visually similar pins for you to explore.

Additionally, the app allows you to save ideas directly from other apps. If you come across something interesting while browsing, such as an image or article, you can use the Pinterest share button (usually accessible by long-pressing an item) to save it to one of your boards. This way, you won’t miss out on any inspirations!

3. Organize Pins with Sections

If you have boards with a large number of pins, it can sometimes be challenging to find specific content. However, Pinterest offers a feature called “Sections” that allows you to organize your boards into smaller categories, making it easier to locate and browse your pins.

To create sections within a board, open the relevant board, click on the “+” button beside “Sections,” and create your desired categories. You can then move pins between sections or even have some pins appear in multiple sections. It’s a game-changer for keeping your pins organized and accessible.

4. Use the “Tried It” Feature

Ever come across a pin that you’ve actually tried and want to share your experience? Pinterest’s “Tried It” feature allows you to mark a pin as tried, leave comments, and upload photos of the results.

To activate this feature, open a pin, click the “Tried It” button, and leave your feedback. Whether it’s a recipe you cooked, a DIY project you completed, or a travel tip you put into practice, the “Tried It” feature lets you contribute to the Pinterest community, sharing your first-hand experiences with others.


Pinterest is not just a simple image bookmarking site – it’s a versatile platform full of hidden gems. By utilizing the secret boards, making the most of the mobile app, organizing your pins with sections, and utilizing the “Tried It” feature, you can enhance your Pinterest experience and discover even more inspiration.

Take your Pinterest exploration to the next level by incorporating these expert tips and tricks into your daily use. Happy pinning!


1. Can other people see my secret boards?

No, secret boards are only visible to you and the collaborators you invite. They will not be accessible to others on Pinterest.

2. How many sections can I have within a board?

There is currently no limit to the number of sections you can create within a board. You can organize your pins into as many categories as you desire.

3. Can I remove the “Tried It” mark from a pin?

Yes, if you change your mind or mistakenly marked a pin as “Tried It,” you can remove the marker by revisiting the pin and clicking the “Tried It” button again to deselect it.

4. Can I share my tried pins on social media?

Currently, the “Tried It” feature is limited to the Pinterest platform and does not offer direct sharing options to other social media platforms. However, you can always capture a screenshot of your tried pin and share it manually on other platforms if desired.


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